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>> About Artmunk:

Artmunk is a leading multi media company which is already in business for the last decade and our focus lies on creating new exciting games for the erotic market. Over the years we have delivered to the marketplace outstanding, high quality 3D games for both the PC and MaC, which is unique in our branch. We are seen by our peers as the standard in our marketplace.

We not only invent, create and produce erotic games for end consumers. We also make multimedia products in cooperation with our business partners. A good example of a product like that is the Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex, which is made in a partnership between Artmunk and Playgirl. The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex is not only a game, but goes way further than that. It is a combination between everything you always wanted to know about sex and the pleasures of it and this combined with a fun game, which makes it a unique multimedia product!

As Artmunk we are working hard to grow both in our field of experience as in the already high appreciation of our gamers. Our customer base exists of people between the age of 18 and 55 years old and we are especially proud of the fact that we have a large amount of female players and young couples. All our gamers evaluate our games as highly enjoyable and worth every penny!

Our promise to our gamers and business partners is that we always will deliver above expectation in both fun and quality!

The Artmunk Team

New Lovechess Version!
This Spring will be an exiting one for us, as we will release a new version of Lovechess! read more...
First Sex Game for MAC:
The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex is the first 3D sex game ever, designed to run natively on an Apple Mac computer.
Playgirl & Artmunk:
It’s official, Playgirl and Artmunk Games are joining forces to create the best instructional & fun erotic computer game together!
New Trailer!
Download the latest Velvet express trailer
from here. (approx. 5.2Mb).
Endorsed by Dr. Alan Manevitz:
We are very proud that Dr. Alan Manevitz endorses The Playgirl Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex and lends his expertise in the sexual & medical field to our product.
>> Showcase ( work in progress, click to enlarge ):

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