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Our erotic games have incredible conversion rate, our conversation ratio is a staggering 1:100. This means that from every hundred visitors you send us, one or more buys a game and brings you easy money! Joining the affiliate program is easy and free and you can earn up to 50% of every sale referred by you!

How does it work?
Every time a visitor, from your website, clicks on the affiliate link to our website there is a cookie set with your affiliate ID in it. This ID is tracked trough the system when the visitor browses our website pages, but also when the visitor returns an other time. When a visitor decides to buy the game the cookie will be used by the BMTMicro system to track the affiliate that referred the visitor. And your share of that sale is added automatically to your account.

Program details
Our affiliate program is tracked, processed and paid out by BMT Micro Inc. We are working with them for all our online transactions. BMT Micro stands for security, trustworthy and swift payments. This way we can both focus on building a long-term relationship with good profits.

Basically everyone can sign up as an affiliate, except site’s that promote or relate to porn with children, bestiality or other indecent and illegal content.

Signing up with the program is easy. Just follow the link to the BMT Micro pages. Sign up there. Click on the Products link and browse to “Category” then “Other”. You will find us on our company name Artmunk. Hit the ‘Join’ button and the sign up is complete. You will automatically sign up as an affiliate for all available Artmunk Games.

Promoting our games
From our experience the best way to promote our games, but I guess it is valid for all affiliate programs, is to write something about the game. A small review, a short text with the game highlights, etc… And provide a link from there. Images tell more then a thousand words, be sure to give your audience some tasty screenshots to see what the games are all about. Naturally we will help you out where we can, just let us know what you need and we will help where we can.

We advice you to link to our brand new Artmunk Games website at Here we sell all our games in one spot in a very stylish setting. You can use the same affiliate ID for all our games, including traffic you send to

A link to Artmunkgames should look like this:
(replace “123456” with your affiliate id).

A link to a product page on should look like this:
(replace “123456” with your affiliate ID).

After signing up browse to “Category” then “Other”. You will find us on our company name Artmunk.

Our Website at


At we sell all our adult games in one spot! We recommend our affiliates to send all traffic to this website to maximize your sales.

You can send traffic to the main page, or to one of our product pages, using the following linking code:
(replace “123456” with your affiliate ID).

A link to a product page on should look like this:
(replace “123456” with your affiliate ID).

Note! Your Affiliate ID works for all the games available at